Sell Your Trading Card Collection

CFG Collection Sale

Looking to sell your Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, YuGiOh or Lorcana collection without the hassle?

Selling your TCG cards has always been a long and tedious process, especially if you have lots of cards to go through.
Well now you don't have to worry!
Simply mail us your cards and we will do all the work for you!
NO Long Processes and NO Card Submission Necessary!

Getting Started

Complete Our No-Hassle Collection Sale Form

Before doing anything else, make sure to fill out our Collection Sale google form! Once you have filled it out, a copy of the completed form will be sent to both us and the email address you provided. Please include a printed out copy of this completed form with the cards you send us.

IMPORTANT: This form is necessary for us to:

  • Be aware that your cards are on the way to us.
  • Know what cards are yours when they arrive.
  • Be able to contact you once we have finished processing your cards!

We are unable to correctly or quickly process your collection if the information is incorrect and/or is not included with your shipped cards.

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Carefully package and ship your cards to us!

You are responsible for packaging and shipping!
What does that mean?

  • There are no extra shipping fees taken from your final payment!
  • You can choose to ship your cards through whichever service is cheapest or best for you!
  • You are in charge of making sure your package is delivered to us safe and sound, including making sure the contents are protected.

We highly recommend using an appropriate amount of packing materials to safely secure your cards, and prevent any damage done to the box from impacting the cards.


  • Using or within 9-Pocket pages or Binders.
  • Loosely within a padded or bubble envelope.
  • Tightly packed/stacked in a box to the brim with no packaging materials.

We have received buylists unfortunately shipped to us using these methods, and they are almost always damaged, busted, or have lost cards by the time they arrive to us.

If you are shipping high-value items, purchasing insurance for your package may be a good idea.

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You're Done!

Once you have shipped off your cards, we'll take over from here!
When the cards arrive, we will add them to our processing queue to be cataloged, graded, and priced, making sure to get you the best offer! We will try our best to keep this process within 48 hours of delivery, but time spent will ultimately depend on the size of the collection we receive.

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Pricing and Fees

We Want to Buy Your Cards!

We want them if you don't! We aren't looking to unfairly pay you, and can understand wanting to get as much as possible from selling your items. But we do charge for the work we are doing. Here's what our processing fees currently look like:

  • 10% of the cash value after grading, up to $100.
  • $0.03 for each card you send to us that we catalog.
  • Bulk cards will be completed at our bulk rate without fees!

Please understand that we are a local game store, and are unable to offer you market value on your cards. However, our goal is to get you a price you are happy with without you having to submit any indiviual cards, or worry about the fees and time associated with selling through your own online shop!

Once we give you our offer on your cards, if we haven't heard from you within 48 hours, we do have a storage fee of $10.00 per day until we do, up to 14 business days unless otherwise discussed. After 14 business days, or the discussed time frame, we will proceed with your collection sale, paying you the remaining amount through the payment method you chose upon submission.

If you end up wishing to have some of your cards returned to you while we are processing your collection, we are happy to do so! The price of the return shipping will be either removed from the remaining cash value offer or charged to you.

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If you have any questions, please contact our buyers by email at