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Cape Fear Games is a local game shop based in Wilmington, NC created by the owner of MTGOTraders. We focus on providing a safe, family-friendly atmosphere for playing various Table Top Games, as well as having a wide selection of Board Games, CCG/TCG singles and Accessories, Disc Golf products, and more available for purchase.

Our ILM Website has our large selection of Table-Top games available to order online, as well as view what we have currently in-store.

Absolutely! We are happy to send scans of any cards with a Near-Mint price above $50. Please email us at buyer@capefeargames.com requesting scans of the card you would like to see, and we will respond as soon as we can.

We ask that you only use one coupon per order, however you may share them with your friends. Some of our coupons are one-time use, and will no longer be valid once used.


Phone: (910)798-6006 *only available during store hours*

Our Address is:
Cape Fear Games
4107 Oleander Dr, Suite D
Wilmington, NC 28403


If you need help placing an order, please visit our Order Guide.

If you are looking to sell us cards, please follow our step-by-step Buylist Guide found in the "How to use" box of our Buylist Page.

How to Use box

If the card you are trying to sell does not show up, this means either the card has a low value and we do not wish to pay more than our bulk rate for it, or our buying quantity has been met and we are not purchasing the card at this time. If you know the item is of higher value, you can send us an email at buyer@capefeargames.com alerting us to the card(s) in question, and we can investigate it to make sure it isn't a website error.

We have guides describing how to tell the difference between the more complicated versions of cards for Magic, Pokemon, and Yu-Gi-Oh. These should help walk you through finding what version of a card you have, and what the correct value is.

IMPORTANT: For Pokemon cards, an easier way to find the specific card you have is by searching for the collection number in the bottom left or right side of the card.(Ex: 003/123, SWSH05, XY123, SV12/SV23)

We offer several available payment methods including:

  • Cash: Cash payouts are only available for in-store buylists up to $300. Any amount over $300 will be paid out in a check.
  • Check: Checks are fee-free, can be mailed within the United States, and have a $10 minimum. Checks are processed through our bank and may take up to 5-7 business days (excluding holidays) to arrive.
  • PayPal: PayPal charges a 3-5% fee for using their services.
  • Store Credit: Choosing the Store Credit option receives a 30% bonus to the cash total for the buylist. You can use this credit to spend on anything on our website or anything in-store.
  • MTGO Credit: If you are trying to receive credit to MTGOTraders.com, select the payment method “PayPal” or “Check” and leave a message in the “Comments/Instructions” box saying you would like MTGOTraders.com credit. For MTGOTraders Credit, you will receive a 20% bonus.

All cards we purchase or sell will pass through the same rigorous grading process, where we review both sides of the card under a bright light for any scratches, dents, or various other types of wear. For an in-depth description on how we grade cards and what each condition means, please visit our Condition Guide. If you have any questions on the condition of the card you received or sold, please feel free to contact us or ask in-store.
IMPORTANT: There are some exceptions to our grading scale, including but not limited to signed and stamped cards. Cards that have been signed by the card's artist or that have received a Pro Tour/Grand Prix/Tournament stamp, but are in otherwise Near-Mint condition, will be graded as Lightly Played.

We understand that the term "Played" used to describe the condition of cards can sometimes be confusing. When discussing the condition of cards, "Played" does not reference the amount you have used the card, it is in reference to the overall condition and state of the card when we receive it. This includes any wear the card has, including but not limited to edge wear or dust scratches on the front and back faces. Even if you just pulled the card from the pack, or left it in a binder/container/sleeve for years untouched, it is still possible for that card to not be Near Mint.

If you would like more info about what we look for when grading cards and what each condition roughly includes, please visit our Condition Guide.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Buyer department.

Upon arrival, please let the front desk know you are here to pick up an order. They will get the order printed for the back, and it will be brought up to you once it is pulled.
IMPORTANT: In-Store orders cannot be picked up within 30 minutes before close. This is to allow enough time for our closing staff to finish cleaning the store for the night. You may call ahead and have your order fulfilled prior to your arrival if you can't make it in 30 minutes before closing.

If you are shipping the cards to us please follow our Buylist Guide for instructions on packaging and shipping your buylist to us.

If you are bringing the buylist in-store, please let the front desk know that you are dropping off a buylist and they will help you.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure that the cards you are submitting are in the order they appear on the email you receive after submitting the buylist. This helps with the grading process so that we can complete the buylist and get you paid faster.

Yes! We currently are buying bulk for Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Lorcana.

IMPORTANT: When selling bulk, the storage box/container is part of the purchase. If your bulk is not in a box/container or you wish to keep the box/container after the bulk has been processed, you may be charged a small storage fee. This fee will be removed from the completed buylist price.


If you are wanting to sell a collection, please email us at buyer@capefeargames.com describing the contents of the collection and letting us know you are looking to set up an appointment. We will respond as soon as we can to let you know if we are interested in purchasing the collection from you and help set up an appointment with one of our buyers to sit down and go over the value with you. Once evaluated, we will be able to offer you a price for the cards, and help answer any questions you may have.


If you are looking to just have your cards appraised so you know their value, please email us at buyer@capefeargames.com and we can help set up an appointment. Our price rate for appraisals is $20 per hour, per buyer helping with the appraisal.

IMPORTANT: If you set up an appointment to sell a collection, and do not wish to sell after discussing an offer, we charge a service fee of $20 per hour, per buyer helping with the collection.


Orders placed before 2:00 PM EST, Monday-Friday will typically be pulled and shipped on the same day. We cannot guarantee that orders will always ship the same day they are received, but we will make every effort to do so. We also ship on Saturday and Sunday, but orders shipped on these days will not be handed off to USPS or UPS until the following Monday.

If your order does not have a tracking number attached and has not arrived within 2 weeks of being shipped, it is most likely being returned to us by USPS due to a problem occuring while in transit. Unfortunately, these returns may sometimes take up to several weeks to finally get back to us.
If the order does have a tracking number attached, we recommend you contact your local USPS office as soon as possible about the package.

Yes! However, all international orders will be subject to our Identity Verification process before being shipped.
IMPORTANT: For international orders, we recommend choosing USPS Express Mail or UPS International. Customers are responsible for choosing a shipping option that will allow an order to be properly tracked during transit. Cape Fear Games will not be held responsible for international orders that are shipped using a shipping method that does not provide a suitable method of tracking, or in instances where a customer otherwise vacates their rights to tracking.

Yes! However, you may be subject to our ID Verification process which could slightly delay your order.

Magic Sealed Product Policy
As an Authorized Internet Retailer with Wizards of the Coast, we can only ship
Magic: The Gathering sealed products that are less than 2 years old within the United States and its territories.

Cape Fear Games - Player First Policy
Cape Fear Games reserves the right to cancel or limit an order for any reason.
We are here to serve the players first and foremost, and while we do not mind dealers and resellers ordering from us, we may limit the number of a specific card you're able to buy from us or cancel your order providing a full refund. We will contact you if there is an issue before canceling your order.