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Axe of Despair - SYE-035 - Common - 1st Edition

Axe of Despair - SYE-035 - Common - 1st Edition

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Card Rules: Rulings powered by The Netrep API. If all your monsters are sent to the Graveyard simultaneously by the effect of 'Cyber Jar', 'Raigeki', etc. and 'Axe of Despair' is equipped to one of them, you cannot Tribute one of those monsters to return 'Axe of Despair' to the top of your Deck.You also cannot Tribute one of the monsters Special Summoned by the effect of 'Cyber Jar' since the timing has passed. Since 'Axe of Despair' activates in the Graveyard, you can Tribute a monster to return it to the top of your Deck even if 'Imperial Order' is on the field. [Re: Chaos Necromancer] If you equip 'Chaos Necromancer' with 'Axe of Despair' and have 5 monsters in your Graveyard, the ATK of 'Chaos Necromancer' is 2500 (1500 + 1000). [Re: Cyber Blader] When applying the effect to double this card's ATK, double the total amount. So if you equip 'Cyber Blader' with 'Axe of Despair', her ATK will become 6200. (2100 + 1000) x 2 = 6200. [Re: Elemental Hero Rampart Blaster] When using this card's effect to attack from Defense Position, you apply half of its current ATK. So if it equipped with 'Axe of Despair', you would apply 1500 ATK for damage calculation. [Re: Falling Down] The Archfiend you need for 'Falling Down' doesn't have to be a monster. Cards like 'Axe of Despair', or an Archfiend monster equipped to your 'Relinquished', will prevent 'Falling Down' from being destroyed. [Re: Fusion Devourer] If this card battles a Fusion Monster that is equipped with 'Axe of Despair', etc. that Fusion Monster's ATK will be 0 for Damage Calculation. [Re: Gradius' Option] The ATK/DEF of 'Gradius' Option' is the same as the current ATK/DEF of the selected 'Gradius', not the original ATK/DEF. So if you equip 'Axe of Despair' to 'Gradius', the ATK of 'Gradius' Option' will also increase by 1000 points. [Re: Gradius' Option] Equipping 'Axe of Despair' to 'Gradius' Option' has no purpose. Activating 'Reinforcements' targeting 'Gradius' Option' serves no purpose. 'Luminous Spark' on the field will not change the ATK/DEF of 'Gradius' Option'. It always has the same ATK/DEF of the selected 'Gradius'. [Re: Gren Maju Da Eiza] If you equip 'Axe of Despair' to 'Gren Maju Da Eiza', calculate its ATK and DEF according to its effect, then add +1000 ATK on top of that. [Re: Hero Heart] You only halve the ATK of the selected 'Elemental Hero' when 'Hero Heart' resolves. If you later equip the monster with 'Axe of Despair' it will get the full +1000 ATK. [Re: Pole Position] EXAMPLE #2 The opponent has 'Blue-Eyes White Dragon' (3000 ATK) and 'Pole Position' face-up on the field. I have 'Gemini Elf' (1900 ATK), and an 'Opticlops' (1800 ATK) equipped with 'Axe of Despair'(+1000 ATK 2800 total) face-up on the field, and a Set 'Ring of Destruction'. If I activate 'Ring of Destruction' to destroy 'Blue-Eyes White Dragon', then 'Opticlops' will be the highest ATK monster on the field, and cause an infinite loop (it is the highest, it isn't, it is, it isn't, etc.). Therefore, I cannot target 'Blue-Eyes White Dragon' with 'Ring of Destruction'. [Re: Pole Position] EXAMPLE #3 The opponent has a face-down 'Pole Position'. I have 'Opticlops' (1800 ATK) and 'Gemini Elf' (1900 ATK) face-up on the field. I activate 'Axe of Despair' (+1000 ATK) and try to equip my 'Opticlops' (1800 ATK). The opponent cannot chain 'Pole Position', since that would cause an infinite loop. 'Pole Position' is an illegal activation. Put it back face-down. [Re: Pole Position] EXAMPLE #5 I have 'Pole Position' and 'Opticlops' (1800 ATK) face-up on the field. The opponent has a 'Muka Muka' equipped with 'Axe of Despair' face-up on the field with no cards in his hand. At the start of the opponent's turn, he draws a card, making 'Muka Muka's ATK 1900. An infinite loop is created by something that could not be avoided, so 'Pole Position' is destroyed. [Re: Reflect Bounder] When your opponent's 'White Magical Hat' with 'Axe of Despair' attacks your 'Reflect Bounder', 'Reflect Bounder' inflicts its effect damage, damage calculation is performed, and 'White Magical Hat''s effect is activated. [Re: Twin-Shield Defender] 'Twin-Shield Defender's' effect targets 1 face-up monster your opponent controls.'Twin-Shield Defender' halves the current ATK of the targeted monster, including any gains and/or losses from effects.Example 1: 'Sangan' equipped with 'Axe of Despair' has 2000 ATK. If its ATK is halved by 'Twin-Shield Defender' it will have 1000 ATK.Example 2: 'Sangan's' original ATK is halved by 'Shrink' to 500 ATK. If its ATK is halved by 'Twin-Shield Defender', it will have 250 ATK. [Re: Wild Nature's Release] If 'Ojama Yellow' is equipped with 'Axe of Despair' (1000 ATK, 1000 DEF), if 'Wild Nature's Release' is activated then it increases 'Ojama Yellow' to 2000 ATK, 1000 DEF. If 'Axe of Despair' is then destroyed, 'Ojama Yellow' remains 2000 ATK, 1000 DEF. [Re: Woodland Sprite] An Equip Spell Card sent to the Graveyard by this card's effect is not 'destroyed'. So the effects of 'Butterfly Dagger - Elma', 'Axe of Despair', 'Malevolent Nuzzler', 'Blast with Chain', or 'Smoke Grenade of the Thief' cannot or will not be activated.
Passcode: 40619825
Set: Starter Deck Yugi Evolution
Card Number: SYE-035
Monster Type:
Rarity: Common
Attribute: Spell
Card Text: Increase the ATK of a monster equipped with this card by 1000 points. When this card is sent from the field to the Graveyard, if you Tribute 1 monster on your side of the field, this card returns to the top of your Deck.
Card Type: Equip Spell
Name: Axe of Despair
Edition: 1st