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We pay you the same day we receive your cards!(Mon-Fri)   *This assumes that your buylist is mostly near mint items and in the same order as the acceptance email.

Here is a overview of how to sell your cards to Cape Fear Games:

  1. You can either browse cards by set to the left, or use the search box.  Once you find the card you are wanting to sell, add it to your cart. (Make sure you are in selling mode noted by the "You are currently browsing to sell us cards" above the buylist.
  2. To edit or to submit your buy list, click the "View Buylist / Submit" link in the cart summary. You can select payment in the form of Paypal, Check or Store Credit. Store Credit sales will recieve a 20% bonus! Just let us know if you would like or credit.
  3. Package the cards carefully and make sure that your cards are sorted in the EXACT order that they appear on your confirmation email. For full value, make sure are that your cards are in NM-Mint condition. Don't individually sleeve cards. If you are sleeving your cards try to put 5 cards in a penny sleeve to save on weight and time. Rubberbands and card pages are NOT an acceptable way to package cards, as are typically damaged in transit and will reduce the value paid.
  4. Be sure to put you cards in a padded envelope, bubble mailer or rowed box (packed with styrofoam). We reccommend using tracking and insurance, as we cannot be held responsible for lost or damaged items.
  5. ***All Cards should be in the same order as the check out screen and confirmation email. This should be alphabetically by set. Not the order submitted. ***
  6. Before shipping the buylist, wait for the approval e-mail letting you know that we have approved your buylist. If you do not receive this within one business day, e-mail us (after checking your Spam folder.
  7. When shipping your cards print out your list and include a note of which payment method you would prefer. (Paypal, Cape Fear Games Credit, Credit or Check)
  8. For collections over 500 unique cards, please submit multiple buylists.

If you have any questions e-mail us at  We are always interested in original magic artwork or other magic related items.

*To sell a large collection in our store, please come in Monday through Friday between Noon and 5pm. To make sure our buyer is available give us a call first at (910)798-6006, or email for an appointment,

**Card prices change very fast. All buy list items not received within one week of submitted date are subject to price changes.**

Unlisted Foils (Magic):

  • Foils that are not listed but the non-foil is listed we pay 150% of the non foil price.

Foreign Cards (Magic):

  • We buy most foreign cards for 25% less than english cards. Just submit the cards as if they were English on our buylist and we will make the deduction when we receive your cards. There are some exceptions such as Foreign Black Bordered cards which may be more and Italian Legends which are typically a little less. Just email us at if your collection includes a large portion of non-Engligh cards.

Bulk Rates (Magic):

  • Rares, $0.10
  • Mythics, $0.25
  • Commons/Uncommons, $3.00/1,000 ($4.00/1,000 if shipped in)
  • Foil Rares, $0.25
  • Foil Common, Uncommon and Lands, $0.04
  • All bulk items must be arranged facing the same way and in "row"ed card boxes.

Bulk Rates (Yugioh):

  • Commons, Secrets and Holos from Starter, Structure, Hidden Arsenal, Exclusive or Premium Packs, $6.00/1,000 (must be NM)
  • Rares, $0.01
  • Holos (not from Starter, Structure, Hidden Arsenal, Exclusive or Premium Pack,$.02
  • Secrets (not from Hidden Arsenal, Exclusive or Premium Packs), $.05
  • Ultimates, $.10
  • Ghost Rares, $.25
  • All bulk items must be arranged facing the same way and in "row"ed card boxes.

Bulk Rates (Pokemon):

  • NM Commons/Uncommons, $8/1,000, does not include Energy Cards (Must be NM)
  • NM Common Energies, $3/1,000 (Must be NM)
  • NM Promo or Rare, $0.02
  • NM Reverse Foil Rare, $0.04
  • NM Holo Rare, $0.05
  • NM Ultra Rare $0.25
  • All bulk items must be arranged facing the same way and in "row"ed card boxes.

Grading: Click to see our grading scale.

  • Near Mint/Mint

    Cards in Near Mint/Mint condition show minimal signs of play wear or shuffling. Often referring to pack fresh cards, a NM/M card will at first look perfect, but upon closer inspection may have a few minor blemishes, such as a small ding or chip. Near Mint/Mint foils will have little or no clouding on the front.

We pay the following for played cards under $100.00:

  • Slightly Played 80%

    Cards in Slightly Played condition lack any major flaws, but do show signs of shuffling and play wear. Edges may have chips or nicks and minor whitening. Corners can show minor whitening and wear.Signed or Pro Tour stamped cards are graded as Slightly Played, even if they appear to be Near Mint. Slightly Played Foils will often show some clouding on the front.

  • Moderately Played 60%

    Cards in moderately played condition show moderate wear, but are still legal for tournament play if sleeved. Shuffle creasing, minor inking, hairline creasing or whitening on most edges will make a card Moderately Played.

  • Heavily Played 30%

    Cards in Heavily Played condition show major whitening or will have a major flaw, such as creases, major inking, water damage, or a minor tear. Heavily Played cards will have whitening along most edges on both sides of the card, and corners may be frayed or heavily rounded.

    *In addition, any rare that we buy for $0.10 that arrives in worse than Near Mint condition will instead be bought for $0.05. Heavily Played or Damaged Rares will not be purchased. Any common or uncommon that we buy for $0.10 or less that arrives in worse than Near Mint Condition will instead be bought at our bulk rate of $0.0025 per card. If you wish to avoid these downgrades, please carefully check the condition of your cards before sending them in. If the buylist arrives in an order other than the way it is listed on the confirmation email, it will result in a $5.00 plus $15.00/hr fee to sort the list.

For played cards over $100.00 please contact us at as these prices are typically very condition dependant. 

We offer an additional 20% bonus for Cape Fear Games Credit or credit (No bonus for MTGO Tix).

Then send the collection to:

Cape Fear Games
3608 Oleander Dr, E
Wilmington, NC 28403

If you don't want to go through your collection, we can sort through it for you at a rate of $12/hr.

*The credit for MTGOTraders is as good as cash so you can still use the paypal coupon for an extra 5% off of your purchase (on singles).

** If there are cards you can't find on our buylist, and you don't feel that they are bulk, email us at We will get back to you as quickly as possible. **

***Our 20% trade in bonus is for customers only and not for dealers.  If you would like to e-mail us beforehand we can consider an offer from dealers.***

****Checks are processed through Wells Fargo and usually take up to 5 business days or 1 week (without holidays) to arrive.****


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