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RCQ Tournament 2

RCQ Tournament 2

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    We are continuing on with RCQ seasons! Season 3 we are getting into our second RCQ of the season with Modern. Whether players are new to the competitive aspects of magic or have been plane hopping for years this is a great time to encourage anyone and everyone to get involved. As a WPN store we get to run two RCQs. So what is the first step? This RCQ of course. Regional Championship Qualifiers are largely held at the WPN store level and are organized by regional tournament organizers. For players to advance to Worlds they will first have to win an RCQ to be invited to the Regional Championship. The winner(s) of the invites will then face off against other winners at Dreamhack Dallas Magic Showdown June 2nd-4th!

    Entry Fee: $35
    Registration Start: 10:00AM
    Start Time: 11:00 AM
    Format: Modern, Swiss Rounds w/ Cut to Top 8
    Prize Support:
    Top 8 will be paid out in Store Credit based on winning records. (All $35 from each player will be added to the prize pool. Players may cash out store credit for a small perecentage)

    This tournament is a big deal and we want to make sure players feel that way. Players will need to bring their Modern deck and get ready for a showdown. There will also be promos! Participation promos this go around are Mystical Dispute, while the top 8 promos are Thing in the Ice.