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Double Masters 2022 Prerelease - Friday @ 6:30pm

Double Masters 2022 Prerelease - Friday @ 6:30pm

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  • Description
    Double Masters is back with powerful and legendary cards! They can help you build you Commander collection and support all your other Eternal format decks. Each Double Masters 2022 Draft Booster contains two rare and/or mythic rare cards plus two foil cards to help double your chances of pulling that "Bomb" that wins you the game.
    Each event entry comes with 3 Draft boosters of Double Masters 2022, two foil promos while supplies last, and each player in the event also adds 1.5 packs to the prize pool!
    • Entry Fee: $50
    • Format: Draft w/ X Rounds Swiss based on attandance
    • Prize Support: X-0 and X-1 records paid out
    Each event currently has an attendance cap of 24 players, so make sure to preregister to reserve your spot!