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6/12 @ 1:00 MTG Battle for Baldurs Gate Siege Event

6/12 @ 1:00 MTG Battle for Baldur's Gate Siege Event

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  • Description

    Entry Fee: $25
    This event will be capped at 16 players!
    Prize Support: One box of Commander Legends goes to the winner of the second round of pods.

        Players receive 3 Draft Packs.
            Players will draft their packs in a pod of 8. (There will be two pods)
            Once drafting is complete players will build a 60 card deck with the cards they drafted plus basic lands.
            Players will then be assigned pod A,  pod B, pod C, or pod D and will then play a game of Commander to decide the winner of each pod. Round two will consist of the top 4 players facing off.
        Draft format with best of 1.