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Tiny Towns

Tiny Towns

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Welcome to the most popular bubble tea shop in Taiwan where you'll find drinks flavored like rich milk tea with a chewy texture and unforgettable good taste! To make an unforgettable bubble tea, you need to pay attention to crucial elements like having more bubbles and less sugar; even your method for adding ice will make the drink taste differently. Sounds good, right? If you can't wait to make your own, let us shake it! In Bubble Tea, each player has two cards called cups and nine bubble tea ingredient cards. One player uses the shaker to shake out which ingredients will be needed this game, and whoever assembles these ingredients the quickest wins the game and gets the rewards! Bubble Tea is a table game which improves your quickness and reaction time. In Bubble Tea, players have to roll 6 dice by the real shaker and using 9 plastic cards to match pictures which shown on dice. The player who finds the correct combination first gets a Customer Card. Whoever gets 3 Customer Cards in the end wins the game and becomes the master of BUBBLE TEA!

Extra Info

BGID: 265736
Category: Abstract Strategy Animals City Building
Time: 45-60 Mins.
Designer: Peter McPherson
PrimaryName: Tiny Towns
Players: 1-6 Players
Year: 2019
Artist: Gong Studios, Matt Paquette Aza Chen
Product Title: Tiny Towns
Mechanics: Pattern Building
Ages: 14+
Publisher: Alderac Entertainment Group
Series in Cycle: