Buylist Guide

How to Sell Cards to CFG

Before you begin, please ensure that you are in our website's Buylist Mode, noted by the "You're currently browsing our buylist" banner at the top of the page

Searching and Submitting Your Cards

The first step is finding the individual cards you wish to sell. You can use the following methods to search for them and add them to your buylist cart:

  • The Search box at the top
  • The Advanced Search link to the right of the Search box
  • The Buylist Multi-Search
  • Browse by set through any of the game specific tabs on the left

IMPORTANT: For finding Pokemon cards, we recommend searching the collection number at the bottom right or left of the card (Ex: 012/034, SM123, XY123, SV12/SV23)

When you find the item that you would like to sell, add it to your cart. If there are cards that you can't find on our buylist, and you don't feel that they are bulk, email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

IMPORTANT: If you are submitting a large quantity of more than 100 items, we suggest that you stop submitting items once you have reached 100 items in your cart, complete that current buylist, then submit the rest of your items in another buylist. This keeps the website from exhibiting any issues that could either fully erase the items in your cart, or make it extremely slow. Keeping buylists at 100 cards maximum also allows for us to grade and process your buylist faster, getting you paid sooner.

Login to Your CFG Account

Once you have submitted all of the items you would like to sell, click the cart icon and then select the green "Checkout" button. You will be asked to login to your Cape Fear Games account if you have not already. If you do not have a Cape Fear Games account, you will be required to create one before you proceed. Creating an account is fast, free, and easy!

Sort Your Buylist by Set, then Name

After you arrive at the Checkout Page, please place your buylist in the order that it appears on your screen. Having the buylist in correct order allows us to process your buylists faster. This keeps the processing time at a minimum, and buylists will not be accepted if they are in incorrect order.
We also recommend double checking the set, edition (1st Ed, Foil, Promo, etc.), and quantity of each card as you order them, to make sure they are the same as shown on your buylist.

Select Your Payment Method

Your choices are:

  • Cash: Cash payouts are only available for in-store buylists up to $300. Any amount after $300 will be paid out in a check.
  • Check: Checks are fee-free, can be mailed within the United States, and have a $10 minimum. Checks are processed through our bank and may take up to 5-7 business days (excluding holidays) to arrive.
  • PayPal: PayPal charges a 3-5% fee for using their services. This fee will be removed from the total of the buylist after payment.
  • Store Credit: CFG offers a 30% bonus to the cash total of the buylist if you wish to receive store credit. You can use this credit to spend on anything on our website or in-store. Your store credit total and history can be found under your account info.
  • MTGO Credit: If you are trying to receive credit to, select the PayPal or Check payment method and leave a message in the "Comments/Instructions" box saying you would like to receive MTGO Traders credit. After the buylist has been processed, you will receive an email including a MTGO gift card with instructions on how to use it. You will receive a 20% bonus to the cash total for choosing MTGO Traders credit.

*If you are trying to seek an international payment method outside of the above listed, contact us and we will try our best to accomodate you.*

Completing Your Buylist Submission

Please fill out the necessary information required for the chosen payment method. Leave any comments or special instructions you would like to, such as wanting to be contacted after grading but before payment is completed, in the Comments/Instructions box. Finally click "Submit Buylist" to complete the buylist submission. You will receive an email sometime afterwards letting you know that the buylist has been successfully submitted.

If you are bringing your buylist in-store, you can skip steps 6, 7, and 8. Please see In-Store Buylist Information below.

Approval Email

After submission, we will have to approve the buylist before you are able to send it in. Once we have looked over and approved the buylist, you will receive an approval email, letting you know that you can continue with shipping your cards. If you do not receive this email after one business day, please check your spam folder before emailing us at

Packaging Your Buylist

When Packaging a buylist, you are responsible for shipping and packaging.
- We do not recommend sending buylists in letter envelopes, binders, or as loose cards in a package, as they have a high chance of being damaged while in transit.
- Package all items so that there is little to no room for the items to move around. We suggest securing the buylist in a deckbox, and then putting that within another box. Clear, plastic deckboxes have been known to break or shatter in transit, so do make sure to use some sort of filler within the box.
- Please do not use rubberbands around your cards, they will damage the cards.
- Please remove sleeves from any card worth less than $10 as de-sleeving entire buylists takes large amounts of time and may result in a processing fee.

Mail Your Cards

Please mail your packaged buylist us at:

  • Cape Fear Games
  • 4107 Oleander Dr, Ste D
  • Wilmington, NC 28403 USA

We allow buylist packages one week to arrive to our store. If a buylist does not arrive in that period of time, we may refuse the buylist or adjust buyprices to the current prices. If this were to happen, we will contact you with the new pre-grading total and then proceed once we have your confirmation.

Buylist Arrival, Grading, and Payment

After the buylist has arrived, we will mark it as "Received" and begin grading it. The grading process can take up to a couple hours depending on the size of the buylist, and most of the buylists we receive after 6:00 PM EST will be done the next morning.

After grading is complete, you will receive an email listing the cards in the buylist, their condition, and the new total. We will then issue you payment through the chosen payment method.

IMPORTANT: If there is a significant change in the total due to incorrectly entered cards or Heavy Play-Damaged Condition cards, we will contact you to confirm the amount before paying it out.

Cape Fear Games will make all efforts to send payment for the buylist the day the buylist is received, Monday through Friday. However, situations out of our control may delay processing and payment.

If the buylist arrives sorted in any order other than the way it is listed on the confirmation email, it may result in a $15.00/hour processing fee.

If a counterfeit card is received with a submitted buylist, the item will be destroyed and the seller notified. Counterfeit cards cannot be returned by mail, but can be picked up in-store.

If you have any questions, please email us at

In-Store Buylist Information

- Buylists can be dropped off at Cape Fear Games once submitted. You do not need to wait for an approval email before bringing it in. Please be sure all cards are in the order they appear in on the checkout page when you bring them in. You will be asked to put them in order at the front desk if they are not.

- Buylists submitted in-store after 8:00 PM may have to be processed and completed the following business day. Cape Fear Games may for any reason withhold processing a submitted buylist until the following day or until a Cape Fear Games Buyer is available.

- Cape Fear Games does not issue cash payments after 8:00 PM. Payment methods offered after this time include check, store credit, and PayPal. If cash is preferred, payment will need to be picked up the following business day, before 8:00 PM.

- If you have a large collection, it is best to call or email and setup an appointment in advance with one of our Buyers. Otherwise, we may not be able to have a Buyer meet with you.

Foreign/Signed Cards

We do not buy Foreign language or Signed Cards. Some exceptions to this rule are Foreign Black Bordered Dual Lands, Italian Legends, Japanese War of the Spark Alt Arts, Strixhaven Mystical Archive Japanese Alt Arts, and other high-end staples. For foreign or signed cards over $100, send us an email at and we may be able to work something out.

Older Cards

For more expensive older cards, prices can widely vary from Near-Mint to any other played condition. If you have a specific card you are looking to sell, or a large quantity of these older cards, please contact our Buyer department, and we will be happy to accommodate you.

Bulk Rates

We buy cards in bulk! You can find our Bulk rates for each game that we buy bulk for down below.

IMPORTANT: If the bulk is not in NM or LP condition, we may refuse it or pay %50 of the bulk rate

MTG Logo
  • Commons/Uncommons: --- $3.00 per 1000 cards
  • Rares (Gold set symbol): --- $0.05 each
  • Mythic Rares (Red set symbol): --- $0.10 each
  • Basic Lands: --- $8.00 per 1000 cards
  • Promos: --- $0.04 each
  • FOIL Commons/Uncommons/Basic Lands: --- $0.02 each
  • FOIL Rares: --- $0.10 each
Yu-Gi-Oh Logo
  • Random Cards(from any set): --- $12.00 per 1000 cards
  • Super Rare: --- $0.02 each
  • Ultra Rare: --- $0.03 each
  • Ultimate Rare: --- $0.20 each
  • Secret Rare: --- $0.04 each
  • Ghost Rare: --- $0.50 each
Pokemon Logo
  • Commons/Uncommons/Rares --- $5.00 per 1000 cards *Does not include basic energy cards*
  • Vintage Pokemon Bulk Commons/Uncommons (from 1999-2012) --- $15.00 per 1000 cards *Does not include basic energy cards*
  • Commons/Uncommons Reverse-Holo: --- $0.08 each
  • Reverse-Holo Rare: --- $0.08 each
  • Holo Rare: --- $0.10 each
  • Promos: --- $0.02 each
  • EX/V: --- $0.50 each
  • GX/Mega EX: --- $1.00 each
  • LV X/Full Art/VMAX: --- $1.50 each
  • Prime/Secret Rares/Amazing Rares: --- $1.00 each
  • Champion's Path/XY Evolutions Secret Rares: --- $0.10 each
  • Pokemon Pins: --- $0.50 each

Grading Scale


*This is for the advertised price on our Buylist*
- Cards in Near Mint/Mint condition show minimal to no wear from play or handling. It may have a tiny nick or scratch, but no major defects or flaws.
- Near-Mint/Mint foils are in pristine condition, and have no clouding, scratches, or curling.

Lightly Played

*90% (75% for Foils) of the Near-Mint price*
- Cards in Lightly Played condition lack any major flaws, but do show signs of shuffling and play wear with light scratches. Edges may have chips or nicks and minor whitening. Corners can show minor whitening and wear.
- Lightly Played Foils will often show some clouding on the front. These may include very minor nicks or scratches.

Moderately Played

*75% (50% for Foils) of the Near-Mint price*
- Cards in moderately played condition show moderate border wear, corner wear, scratching, scuffing, or whitening, or any combination of these marks.
- Cards may have some form of more major marking, such as creasing or dents, but not in combination with other defects, and not impacting a large area of the card.

Heavily Played

*40% (25% for Foils) of the Near-Mint price*
- Cards in Heavily Played condition show major flaws, such as creasing, whitening, and border wear, but are still sleeve playable.
- Heavily Played cards will have whitening along most edges on both sides of the card, and corners may be fray or heavily rounded.


*20% of the Near-Mint price*
- We do not usually buy Damaged cards, but may make exceptions depending on the card or severity of the damage.
- Damaged cards are heavily creased, dented, bent, have water damage, or been written on. They can include a severity of scratching and visible wear, and may be illegal for tournament play.

Collections and Appraisals

Collections*In-Store Only*

If you are wanting to sell a large collection, please email our Buyer department describing the contents of the collection, and letting us know you are looking to set up an appointment. We will respond as soon as we can, letting you know if we are interested in purchasing the collection from you, and help set up an appointment for us to look at your cards. One of our buyers will sit down with you and help go over the cards, their value, and what we are interested in purchasing. Once evaluated, we will be able to offer you a price for the cards, and help answer any questions you may have.

Appraisal*In-Store Only*

If you are looking to just have your cards appraised so you know their value, please email our Buyer department and we can help set up an appointment. Our price rates for appraisals is $20 per hour.


Cape Fear Games reserves the right to refuse any buylist at any time for any reason.
Card prices are subject to change. Buylist items not received within one week of their shipment date are subject to price changes.
Buylists are cancelled if not received within one month of submission.