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Bulk Yu-Gi-Oh! Ultra Rare (Core Set)

Bulk Yu-Gi-Oh! Ultra Rare (Core Set)

Near Mint - Mint, limit 5000
$0.03  / $0.04  credit
  • Description

    Purchasing bulk trading cards is a service we happily provide at Cape Fear Games. Before accepting any bulk submissions, we must first verify that the bulk submission meets a few simple conditions.

    Bulk submitted to Cape Fear Games must be Mint/Near Mint (M/NM). While we do not require that all cards be M/NM, a majority of the submission must be M/NM. If a majority of the submission is not M/NM, we may refuse to purchase the bulk or purchase it a reduced rate (50% of initial value).

    Bulk must be submitted in rows and all cards within those rows must be facing the same direction. This allows us to quickly and efficiently appraise your bulk submission. We do not require that bulk be submitted in rowed boxes, but we do require that all bulk submissions be neat, organized and presented in a way that allows us to immediately evaluate the submission. We do have rowed boxes available for customer use at a rate of $0.50/1000 cards. Rowed boxes submitted to us via a bulk submission may not be returned.

    We DO NOT purchase tokens or inserts as part of a bulk submission. We DO purchase basic lands.

    Cape Fear Games reserves the right to refuse any buylist (including bulk) at any time and for any reason.