Order Guide

Follow these quick and easy steps if you need help placing an order!

Searching for Cards

There are several different ways to search for the cards you are looking to order.

Search Methods
  • Search Bar
  • Advanced Search:
    Allows you to find a single or multiple cards using specific filters or details
  • Browse:
    Allows you to search by game and set

Adding Items to Your Cart

Once you have found the item you would like to purchase, you can add the selected quantity and condition to your cart.

Card Condition and Quantity

Check Cards and Quantities

Once you are ready to check out, click on your cart in the top right.

Order Reveiw

The first screen that you will be taken to is so you can check the cards and quantities on your order, and make any changes if you need to. You can also get an estimate on any shipping prices if you do not plan to pickup in-store.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to click "Update Quantaties" if you make any adjustments on this page.

Check Out

After making sure your cards and counts are correct, you will have to enter your shipping and payment info.

IMPORTANT: If you have not already signed in, this is where you can. If you do not have a CFG account, you can checkout as a guest, hwoever we highly recommend making one! It is easy to do, and allows you to keep track of your orders, buylists, and store credit!

Shipping Info

Here you will need to enter your shipping address or select from a saved address on your account. If you are picking up your order in store, you will still have to enter an address to continue.

Shipping Method

Select your preferred shipping method.

Payment Options

Select from several available methods of payment. You can split the payment between various methods if you want or need to. You can also enter any coupon codes you have here!

  • Store Credit: If you have store credit available in your account, you can use this to pay for the order. Just click the "Use Store Credit"
  • Credit/Debit: Enter your credit or debit card info, and make sure your billing address is correct.
  • PayPal: Enter the email associated with your PayPal account.
  • Check/Cash: If you would like to pay for the order when you come into the store to pick it up, select this option. This will place the order without payment, however we will not begin processing it until payment has been completed.

IMPORTANT: We cancel both unpaid and paid orders that have not been picked up within 2 weeks of placement, unless otherwise specified. Any payments will be refunded back to the payment method used. This is to prevent any cards sitting on hold for long periods of time without being picked up.

Review Order

Before finalizing and placing your order, make sure to do a final review of your cart, shipping, and payment info.

Review Order

If you are having your order shipped, you will receive an email when it ships. Tracking will be included in the email if it is included with your order.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at support@capefeargames.com